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Nov 25

New Heart Health Guidelines

New Heart Health Guidelines

After decades of cajoling Americans to know their cholesterol level and get it down as low as possible, the nation’s leading heart specialists are changing course. Cholesterol is still important. But new guidelines published recently throw out the notion that a specific blood cholesterol level should automatically trigger treatment with cholesterol-lowering drugs. Also out the […]

Oct 8

Diabetes: What is it?

Diabetes: What is it?

Diabetes, is known as diabetes mellitus; a lifelong chronic disease and metabolism disorder. Your metabolism regulates how the body uses and digests food for growth and energy. The majority of the food we eat is broken down into glucose. Glucose is a type of sugar in the blood – it is the main source of […]

Jul 31

No Worries Worries

Meher Baba talked about it, Bob Marley sang about it, the Bible tells you not to do it and Doctors warn you of its effects. However, worry is something we are all guilty of. We all know what it’s like to stress over home repairs that we cannot afford, or to feel helpless and worried […]

May 14

Dr. Bryce Jones Bryce Jones

Note: Dr. Bryce Jones is a patient in our clinic and is a member of our community here in Hamilton. We thought you might enjoy his personal story of triumph and determination. A year ago this July, Dr. Bryce Jones’ granddaughter told him she was praying that he would quit smoking. As you can imagine, […]

May 6

Preventive Care and You Care and You

In both the medical and the dental field, preventive services are routinely offered to patients that help the doctor to find and treat underlying problems that are not yet visible or that have not yet produced symptoms. These “problems” can be things like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, small cavities, gum disease, etc., and while these […]