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Boyett Health Services is a research site that helps to contribute to the latest advancements in medicine. Our clinic has been honored to take part in several research trials relating to FDA approved medications; often to test the efficacy of how various forms of medications are administered and the patient progress after stabilization on such medications. We are glad to take part in clinical research trials that help to make way for safer medications, while also working toward making life better and healthier with the availability of more advanced treatment options.



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Boyett Health Services Medical Clinic is unique in its function. Our wide range of services can help cut patient costs and time since much of the testing we do here within our office is not available at other offices. We take pride in the excellent care we provide to our patients, and we are continually searching out ways to improve what we do. From our clinical staff to our administrative, you’ll find our Boyett “family” to be warm and friendly; making your visit here a more comfortable and pleasant experience.




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Opioid dependence is a difficult condition, but it can be treated. If you’re working to overcome pain pill dependence, you know the experience can sometimes be overwhelming. Currently, there are not enough addiction treatment clinics to assist all patients seeking treatment.
The recovery process begins with taking the first step to admit you need help. While abstinence treatment is wonderful, not everyone is ready to make that leap. Our program includes medication assisted therapy, along with counseling to help you or your loved one to identify the things that contribute to your addictive behavior.


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What our patients have to say about us:

I have been a type 2 diabetic for years but have never been able to keep it under control. Since coming to Boyett Health I have been able to get my life style in order and am now as healthy as I’ve ever been.

Diabetic patient

I have been coming to Dr. Boyett and Clay Cockrell for over 5 years and they have never let me down. I get my lab work every 3 months and they always give me information to help me improve and not just give me medicine. I appreciate them for all their hard work.
Family Practice Patient

Before coming to Boyett Health I was a drug addict. But not on street drugs, but on Prescription drugs that other Doctors would give me. I tried to stop but every time I did I would have horrible withdraws. I knew then that I needed help. Dr. Boyett and his staff have helped give me my life back. I can function again. I am now a good husband, a good father, & can go to work everyday knowing that I’m sober! Thank you Boyett Health!
Addiction Patient

Over the last year I have gotten my energy back! Dr. Boyett has injected both of my knees and they feel brand new. I play basketball with my grand kids and even beat one of them!
Mr. Smith, Diabetes patient, Orthovisc Patient

Before coming to Boyett Health Services, I would get pain pills from my doctor and just go home and lay in my bed with the lights off, the blinds closed and seclude myself from family and friends. My daughters were worried about me and told me “I had to change or else!” I didn’t know how bad I had gotten. Since coming to Boyett Health my life has changed completely. I get outside to do activities, I spend time with my family and friends, and I have even planted a garden with my daughter. Thank you Dr. Boyett!!
Addiction Patient