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Patient/Doctor Agreement

We are proud of the services we provide for our patients. We value your time and respect your individual circumstances. We make every effort to treat each patient with the respect they deserve.

Good relationships start with good communication!  All relationships are give and take,  and all interaction requires the focus and attention of both parties.  In order to foster a great Patient/Doctor relationship, it is important to communicate what we desire to provide, as well as what we hope to receive from you, as the patient.

Our Promise

As a clinic, we are constantly attending continued education conferences, learning the latest methods, materials and medicines, so we can be better equipped to serve our patients. We promise to keep our wait times low and maintain the highest level of service to the best of our ability, by following strict scheduling guidelines and adhering to ethical standards of care. It is our desire to build trust and patient confidence, while striving to see that each person is treated with equal respect and concern.

The exchange

We expect our patients to arrive on time. If a patient is more than 5 minutes late, we will move them to the next available appointment slot. If there is not a time slot available that is convenient for both the patient and the clinic, we will work to find a suitable appointment on another day. This is to ensure that we do not delay the appointments of those who were able to arrive on time.

We work by appointment only in our office. Walk-ins are accepted but must understand that we will only be able to work them in if we have the room in our schedule to do so.  If a patient wants to ensure that they are able to be considered for an office visit, it is important to call our office for an appointment. This also helps to avoid the possible frustration of a wasted trip.  If an individual feels their situation is too urgent to wait for an appointment, we advise these patients to visit the emergency room instead.

Our scheduling policies are designed to benefit both the patient and clinical/dental staff, and to keep things running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. While we may encounter circumstances, delays and complications that interfere from time to time, please know that we diligently work to resolve them in a timely manner.

In a relationship, mutual respect is important. We do our best to respect your time and schedule. Please do the same for us. When a patient  does not show for his/her appointment or cancels the day of, we are left with a vacant appointment slot that we are not able to fill and it often leaves our staff and physician/dentist unproductive.   In relation to this concept, if we find that a patient has excessive “no shows” or cancelled appointments, is excessively late or that they are purposefully being non-compliant with their treatment, we reserve the right to dismiss the patient and refer them to another provider.

We expect  each patient to come prepared with their medication bottles and forms (if applicable) that are necessary to achieve a stress free visit. Medication bottles (not a list) help us to determine if the prescription is being taken as directed, is in need of a refill, how many refills are left, the exact strength and dosage required, and whether or not it was written by our office or by another physician/dentist. We’ve found that when a patient is being seen by our physician/dentist, and also by other doctors and specialists, that medications can be prescribed over a series of different appointments that are counterproductive to those that have been prescribed here in our clinic. In some situations, the mix of medications could be life threatening. We do our best to ensure that we prescribe only what is needed and we do this by reviewing medications on a regular basis.

Additionally, we do not prescribe or refill most medications without an office visit and/or the standard testing required for those specific medications. Often patients feel regular testing is unnecessary and inconvenient, but we take our responsibility for your health very seriously.  For example, a heart medication, or a cholesterol medication, may have serious side effects and must be monitored by the physician. This usually requires testing at different intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) depending upon the medication and the possible side effects (liver or kidney damage, etc.) per each medication.

We ask our patients to trust us. In our office, we practice comprehensive medicine. It has been said that, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  We do not simply treat sickness. On the contrary, we concentrate on the overall health of the individual. The earlier a health condition or disorder is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome.  The testing that is ordered by our physician is always in the best interest of the patient.

A common misconception regarding medicine is that doctors run more tests to receive more money. This is simply not the case. Testing and treatment is based upon a diagnosis. Insurances will not pay for a test, nor will they pay for the treatment, if a proper case is not made for the diagnosis. Just as it is in the court of law that a conviction or acquittal cannot be decided upon without the proper evidence, so it is with medicine. Every test we run is either to build a case, or to meet the standards for preventive medicine.

We ask that each patient come prepared to pay all insurance co-pays and deductibles required.

Regarding patient balances and credits, we ask for prompt payment of any outstanding balances that are due, yet we are also eager to refund any money or credit due to the patient. We do our best to stay on top of our patient accounts, sending out statements or refunds where they are necessary. Yet if, by some chance you feel there was an oversight, we welcome our patients to call our office and ask if they have a balance or credit on their account.

We handle phone calls in the order they are received. You are important to us and we ask your patience regarding this matter. Our staff works hard address the concerns of each individual patient in a timely manner, yet this can sometimes mean being placed on hold if we are experiencing  high call volumes. If you should choose to leave a message, we also ask that you give us a 24 hour period within which to return your call. If you feel that your situation is urgent, you are welcome to drop by our office and voice your request in person. Again, we do accept walk-ins but we are only able to work them in if we have the room in our schedule to do so.  If an individual feels their situation is too urgent to wait for an appointment, we advise these patients to visit the emergency room instead.

As we’ve stated above, it is our desire to build patient trust and confidence, while striving to see that each person is treated with equal respect and concern. We simply ask that you treat our staff with the same respect and courtesy.  We are proud of our medical and dental teams and the quality of service they provide.  Please work with us to make sure the overall experience of your visit to our clinic is a pleasant one each and every time. You rest assured that this is our goal!

Welcome to the Boyett Health Services Patient family! We look forward to getting to know you!