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Dr. Google vs Family Doctor

dr google 1Is your Doctor’s last name “.com”?

Is Google the first one you run to with all of your symptoms when you are under the weather? At the first sign of a headache, aching joint or a rash do you find yourself looking to Web Md? If so, then you have probably been diagnosed with a brain tumor, cancer, or any other extreme sickness for your symptoms. Kind of extreme, isn’t it?

Though the internet is quick and available to help find an answer to our questions, it is not a reliable option for a personal doctor. Oftentimes, if the symptoms are hard to describe or otherwise unclear, you will end up with a handful of options that range from the relatively mild to the catastrophic. Worse, some use that information to self-medicate. I, for one, am guilty and according to the research millions of you are too.

This new study suggests that playfully pinned “Dr. Google” is really kind of crazy, which is a problem for the some five billion monthly searches (one out of every 20) that relate to information about health. When we need help doing some work on our car or fixing a leaky pipe, Google searches are invaluable. However, when our health is on the line, researchers argue the stakes of self-diagnosis are simply too high.

Here are the top five reasons why you need a family doctor:

1. Having a regular family doctor improves health outcomes. This has been shown in the international research of Dr. Barbara Starfield and the Canadian studies by Marcus Hollander, that demonstrated improved patient outcomes, reduced mortality, decreased hospitalizations and reduced health-care costs.

2. Your family doctor takes the long view – your lifetime – your history, your family history and your potential future.

Primary care is longitudinal care over time with a family physician you trust and who knows you well.

3. Your family doctor provides holistic care, treating you (not just disease) in the context of your family, work and other important aspects of your life. You are more than your joints, your gastrointestinal system and your hormones.

Good primary care attends to your body, mind, relationships and spirit.

4. Your family doctor treats all your health conditions – acute and chronic, including your emotional and relationship concerns.

5. The family doctor who knows you well may be the best physician to help you make personal health choices, sorting through information you’ve read on the internet, advice from friends and the opinions of other physicians.

As a Doctor of Osteopathy, Dr. Boyett wants to improve your health holistically. Quit going to “Dr. Google” and playing guessing games with your health! If you are looking for a family doctor, Boyett Health Services is the place for you!

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