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Apr 20

Primary Care: So what if I don’t have a regular doctor. What’s the big deal?

Primary Care: So what if I don’t have a regular doctor. What’s the big deal?

Emergency rooms and Urgent Care facilities are labeled as such for a reason. Many people turn to the ER for the treatment of complaints that a primary care provider should have handled. When you visit a different doctor every time you feel bad, you will find that the new provider has no knowledge of your […]

Jan 7

New Year’s Goals

How many of you have set goals for the new year? While some don’t bother to set goals because they know they won’t make it to the finish line, most of us in one way or another still have hopeful aspirations for the year ahead. More often than not, you’ll find that a great deal […]

May 6

Preventive Care and You Care and You

In both the medical and the dental field, preventive services are routinely offered to patients that help the doctor to find and treat underlying problems that are not yet visible or that have not yet produced symptoms. These “problems” can be things like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, small cavities, gum disease, etc., and while these […]

Mar 28

Healthier Easter Basket Ideas Easter Basket Ideas

  Easter is just days away, and if you’re like me, you’ve struggled over what to put in the Easter basket this year. We are all tempted by the colorful presentations and the huge candy assortments we see in the stores, but too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing for […]